Saturday, March 22, 2014

First comes love, then comes marriage....

Where, oh where, do I begin? Well, I'm a southern woman, a housewife, a new mommy, an aspiring chef, a music lover, and basically your typical 30-something (and holding!) girlfriend who didn't get to this point in my life with any ease. My wonderful husband and I met over eight years ago on MySpace (remember that previous form of social media we could clutter with playlists and digital photo albums??). We emailed back and forth for about three weeks before he asked me out to a piano bar on $5 pitcher night. Romantic, huh? Don't be jealous ladies! He even brought his roommate with him case I wasn't who was in the pictures on my profile. He definitely wanted an easy out if necessary!

Well, fast forward three years and he finally put a ring on it! We had an amazing wedding with our closest friends and family, and a wild honeymoon in the Bahamas for ten nights after that.

When I look back on our wedding pictures, all I can think is.....that's the naive girl who thought she would get pregnant on her honeymoon, who was worried about tossing her birth control pills the month before the wedding, who thought mommyhood was just around the corner. Boy. Was. I. Wrong.

This blog is about how we navigated through infertility, my passion for food and cooking, the challenges of marriage, the eventual arrival of our little miracle (plus our hopes and "plans" for another!), and this crazy yet wonderful life with my two boys at Casa de Ley. :)

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