Saturday, March 22, 2014

2.5 Kids?

"The typical American family has 2.5 kids." What does that mean exactly? I mean, what is half of a kid? The dog? That statement always amuses me.....

Regardless, we too would like to have more than one kid. Crazy?? Maybe. I mean, I knocked on deaths door delivering my son after struggling with infertility for FOUR YEARS just to have him. Am I being greedy at this point? Maybe I should simply appreciate what God has finally given us, and be content as a family of three. Here's the thing.....I LONGED for a sibling when I was little. My mom remarried and had two boys who were ten and twelve years my junior. I say "were" because the first born brother died five years ago in a car accident, one month before my wedding. That's for another post....

So, we still have five remaining embryos in the freezer at the fertility clinic. We refer to them as our "frosties". That's typical infertile lingo that your average person, fertile person, isn't familiar with. Everyone feels very differently about this, and this is simply my husband and my feeling about our embryos, but we feel we have an obligation to all of them. In other words, I plan to give them all a chance to become our children. I'm approaching 40 much faster than I would prefer, so those chances are going to happen in rapid succession. It took us four years and many embryos to finally meet our son, so who knows if any of these remaining frosties will even take, but I have to give them the opportunity to do so. If they all wind up being duds, we will reopen the adoption book....I feel that strongly about our Little having a sibling to grow up with.

When will this FET (frozen embryo transfer) happen? Well, in 12 days to be exact. We will transfer two more, and 9 days later we will know if I'm pregnant again. Sounds easy enough, and to be honest, it IS easier enduring fertility treatments when you finally have a baby at home. We have had our miracle, everything else at this point is simply icing on the cake. ;)

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